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The Best Dog Training, Dog Boarding Kennels and Dog Obedience Training that You Can Get for Your Dog in Charlotte NC Metro Area, is right here at Charlotte NC Metro Area's Professional Dog Training & Boarding Kennels.

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Welcome and take a look around to see what makes our Training and Boarding Facilities
The best place for professional dog obedience training in the Charlotte NC Area
Dog Boarding, Obedience Training, Protection Training, Detection Training and More

This is where trust, loyalty and commitment begin.
We Provide Dog Boarding and ALL Types of Professional Dog Training,
We prefer to start with a free initial evaluation of your dog so please call (704) 890-3580 for an appointment.

Here at Customized K-9 we believe that our dogs only know what we teach them, there are no bad dogs. Training is a big part of the owner and dog's life. We need to stimulate our dogs minds.
Our dogs only know what we teach them. We as owners teach bad habits.
Our Obedience Training is very Affective, Good Training Makes for a Great Dog to Enjoy Life With.
Patience and simplifying the training makes it fun and easy for the dog.

Protection and Law Enforcement; 
Protection and Law Enforcement

We offer Police Dog and Aggression Training.

The training of police dogs is done on a contract basis, and we can provide many types of training for dogs in law enforcement. In the past we have trained dogs for many Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies Throughout Kentucky and South Carolina.

Detection Training Explosives - Drugs!
Detection Training

On and Off Leash Obedience Training;
 Dog Training in Charlotte NC

A good bit of the training that goes on at Customized K-9 is with the family pet and is basic obedience dog training. There are puppy training classes, 6 week dog training classes, and even the opportunity to buy into a package that is good for the life of your dog. With the lifetime dog training package.

We have a Great on site Agility Course!
Dog Agility Training

Private Personal Training Sessions; 
Private Dog Training

We offer Lifetime training for the dog.
Private and group lessons will be provided for the life of the dog.

We also offer a 6 week training program.
Package includes training for your dog 1 time a week for 6 weeks.

We offer Boarding with Training as well.
We can board your dog for 3 weeks and work on general obedience which includes on and off leash obedience.

Dogs Trained for Personal Protection  Feel and be Safe at Home or Away!
Dog Aggression Training

Group Training; 
Group Dog Training

Group Training on Monday's at 7pm
and on Saturday's at 11am

Group Training is a great way to train dogs, you and your dog will learn how to interact with other people and dogs. This helps your dog learn to listen and obey your commands while ignoring other distractions around them.

We prefer to start with an initial evaluation of your dog. Anthony Rosa will evaluate your dog.
Please call (704) 890-3580 for an appointment.

Dog Boarding also Dog Boarding and Training services are available!
Dog Boarding Kennels